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The area of the land dispute. The Coal. The Hopi Villages

sheep are astonishing eaters of vegetation photo ©1997 Jayne Williams

Just west of Tuba City, Arizona, at the extreme western edge of the Hopi lands. Navajo sheep for sale at Texaco station.

The vegetation in this region is very sparse, although a tremendous number of sheep (for the forage capacity) are herded by Navajo Nation residents.

On the stripping of a racial and tribal identity in furtherance of political gains—An investigative report by Hart Williams

photo ©1997 Jayne Williams photo ©1997 Jayne Williams

Seams of coal interlaced with sedimentary sandstones at the north edge of Black Mesa ("Big Mountain" is a hill in this country) Exceptionally arid country with little forage.

The U.S. Ninth Circuit found the Hopi Partitioned Lands (HPL) have been overgrazed sevenfold their carrying capacity by the Navajo "resisters"

all photos above, excluding LANDSAT image: Jayne Williams ©1997

When we visited the Hopi Sinom (Hopiland) in the Summer of 1997, we were THANKED again and again by Hopi interviewees at EVERY LEVEL of Hopi society. Why? We were told: "No one else has asked for our side of the story." 

On the face of it, this would seem to be an OUTRAGEOUS assertion by this writer, but on Feb. 1, 2000, the Hopi were begging the media to listen to their side of the story. Click here to see their version, at least.

» Read what a HOPI has to say about it.

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