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Deus pascit corvos. En suivant la verite. Fortes fortuna juvat. Not good at Latin? Neither are we. But since this seemed important, it was retained on this pagae. Sorry: pagum, pilgrim.  
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They Laughed When I Sat Down at the Keyboard ...

In the spring of 1976, I withdrew from Texas Christian University, and, with wife

and two cats, drove our overloaded 1964 Ford Econoline van to Hollywood, California

with the stated intent of becoming a writer....

Today, nearly forty years later, I have not swerved from that vocation.  Therein lies our tale. And here, on my official webpage, the official tales of that journey—that can be told—are available in electronic form. And other tales. I write to delight™. Vorpal Editions will be released periodically, as electronic editions, to facilitate the non-murder of trees.


CLICK TO ENLARGE! Hart Williams has been a journalist and author for nearly four decades. He has written for innumerable pub- lications, from the Wash- ington Post, the Kansas City Star and the Oregonian [Portland] to Locus Magazine, the Los Angeles Free Press, the Santa Fe Sun and The Tutuveni, the Newspaper of the Hopi Tribe. And at the tender age of 23, he was an editor for HUSTLER Magazine, as EXPOSED by the Right ... HERE.

For twenty years (this Autumn) His Vorpal Sword—the webpage—has been my 

official home on the web. And for another decade, I ran a separate blog, known in 

its last eight years as “his vorpal sword.” They were entirely separate entities. 

That division has now, happily, been surceased, and negotiations to merge the two 

disparate wings of the Castle-in-the-air that is the digital internet have been 

entirely successful. Thus, this fundamental redesign of His Vorpal Sword for 2015. 

His Vorpal Sword, est. 1995

The official author’s website and world corporate headquarters for Hart Williams  ‘Massacring English publicly since 1973’ 1996 Medalist for webpage design. A hart Home