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his vorpal sword -  15 June 2007 to 5 November 2014 to PRESENT

Begun in the summer of 2007 on the WordPress platform, hvs became my final blog. I was cross- posting to the Democratic Daily, and, later to the Moderate Voice. This made my old blogger platforms completely useless for cross-posting, since their machine language was so significantly different that I had to rewrite every blog post I reposted. This proved providential, since cross- blogging required mererly copying the html marked up text and repasting, with a backlink for Memeorandum purposes*. Find it here: hisvorpalsword DOT.com I officially retired the daily blog on 5 November 2014 and took the archives off line. The current blog proceeds only fitfully. When I feel like saying something. * Click on the ‘+’ on the “DISCUSSION” beneath the headline.

Zug - A blog - 24 December 2006 to 14 October 2007

Zug was created to leave “Borgasm” as a permanent invistigative report, after all the national attention and the long summer and autumn of 2006. Zug would be “tabula raza” and would take advantage of the Blogger platform’s upgrades.   I picked the name out of midair, thinking it a non- word like gluble. A couple of years later, it turned out that “Zug” was a town in Switzerland that CBS’ 60 Minutes would feature on 25 March 2011 investigation of US corporations using foreign tax havens.

Boregasm - A blog - 25 June 2006 to 7 January 2007

Boregasm was created to take advantage of the Blogger platform’s upgrade to logging individual blog postings. Prior to this, Blogger archived a week at a time, making the “permalink” url useless. I don’t know why they bothered, since clicking on it only took you to the blog week, making cross- referencing posts a nightmare. Boregasm famously “outed” the Howie Rich gang and their Koch and CATO links. Howie Rich alum Eric O’Keefe is in the news for slushing money to Scott Walker in Wisconsin & named me as all but stalking him in his lawsuit against Wisconsin prosecutors. NPR interview HERE.

Skiing Uphill - A blog* -  4 March 2004 to 1 July 2006

Skiing Uphill was my original blog on the Blogger platform. When I finally retired it, to take

advantage of the improved Blogger platform, the total wordage outnumbered the Lord of the

Rings trilogy. I had not yet started using graphics extensively. That wouldn’t happen until his

vorpal sword, the Blog.

[* You will need an IE browser tab extension if reading in Firefox or in Chrome. Safari can emulate

natively. See HERE for instructions. The “native to Internet Explorer” bug is the reason that I

moved on to “Boregasm.”]

The Commonwealth of Blogistan - 30 September 2007 to 20 April 2008

was created to store transcripts and other text that might vanish in the endless churn of mass media. Not being paid to do it, it was taking up too much time. I also blog at: The Moderate Voice and The Democratic Daily - since 2007
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