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Reality 101 - Political Self Defense for Progressives

NEW!! (March 18, 2015) For ten years, 'his vorpal sword' (the blog) terrified the likes of Ted Nugent ("Ted Nugent fears death by 'lunatic fringe' liberal blogger" - Raw Story, 13 July 2007) and delighted readers of Salon, Crooks and Liars, The Democratic Daily, The Moderate Voice and much else of the progressive blogosphere. Entire books and series were created, as history proved that its author, Hart Williams, was correct in his assessments, over and over again. From writing against the Iraq invasion in 2003 to trying to explain to Democrats why they were losing the 2014 elections, BEFORE the election, Williams' track record is impressive: from being among the first to expose the Kochs’ national political operation and connect the dots back to David Koch's 1980 Vice Presidential campaign, to the rise of the Neoconfederates, the Libertarian hostile takeover of the Republican party and the secret backers and media collaboration in the "Tea Party" movement, Williams has been ahead of the curve, consistently — while mainstream "pundits" have beclowned themselves over and over again. This book is a handbook for detecting Conservative lies and propaganda—and a primer on the eminently practical question "What is real?" Following that, it shows HOW unreality is slithered into our model of the world, to create the false facts that are epidemic in politics today. And, very often, it is very funny. With an introduction by Jane Fonda biographer Tom Collins, Reality 101—Political Self Defense for Progressives delivers real value for your reading dollar, at a per word cost that will surprise and gratify the budget- conscious reader. And it doesn't kill any trees. Hart Williams has been a freelance writer for nearly 40 years. His work has been cited by outlets from The Washington Post, Salon, Raw Story, Media Matters, The Washington Monthly, The (Portland) Oregonian, The Omaha World-Herald, and many, many more. Mr. Williams is a published novelist, a produced screenwriter, and has written for publications from The Orange County Register to the Los Angeles Free Press, the Santa Fe Sun to The Tutuveni (The Newspaper of the Hopi Tribe), New West, Oui Magazine, the Kansas City Star, the Arab-American News Circle [LA], Middle East Business Exchange, PBS' investigative series NOW and many more. He currently lives in Oregon with a wife, a cat, and an astonishing amount of pollen. Table of Contents Foreword by Tom Collins Reality 101—Introduction A Short Note on Usage Part One • Reality 1. Reality 101 (part i) 2. Reality 101 (part ii.) 3. Reality 101 (part iii.) Part 2 • Fantasy and Fabulism 4. Propaganda Works 5. Do Words Matter? 6. The Party Of Lincoln Revisited 7. Why the Republicans will lose the upcoming Civil War 8. How to Blow An Election You Ought to Win (part I) 9. How to Blow An Election You Ought to Win (part ii) 10. How to Blow An Election You Ought to Win (part iii) 11. Truth Is Whatever I Say It Is Part Three • Endpixels 12. The Two Lies No Republican Can Live Without 13. Reality 101 (Epilogue) Afterword


Ayn Nation Under God

- A Rational Examination As To Why Ayn Rand Is Full Of It

As the clock ticked down to government shutdown, Senator Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor, reading excerpts from one of his favorite books--by his own admission--Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, to justify shutting down the government. In this special government shutdown edition, the dangers of the Ayn Rand philosophy are examined, the obsession with a 'freedom' that can only exist at the expense of greater society, of a greed that would shut down the government of all to benefit the one. If the book were JUST a refutation of Ayn Rand, it would only be interesting to those who hate Rand, and those who LOVE Rand, to see what the opposition to her philosophy was up to. It has to be more, and it is: to define the nature of liberty, we must also define the nature of society, and the inter-relation of the "freedom" of the individual and the "regulation" (anti-freedom) of society. The author proposes to give you a definition that resolves this into the false dilemma it's always been. And why the "key" notion of Ted Cruz's and Ayn Rand's and Charlie and David Koch's notion of "liberty" is just hogwash. Easy to see in your own life, real world, organic hogwash. An intellectual romp, with a heaping helping of humor, written in an accessable, informative manner that's sure to please the casual reader or the scholar, 'Ayn Nation Under God' is as fresh as today's headlines--since Rand's ideas fuel the Tea Party, and the Koch Brothers, among others.


E-books Save Trees

I realize that physical books are wonderful things, and, while I will not eschew them (although I would suggest that the teleology of books is more important that the fetishization of same), I am putting out my works EXCLUSIVELY in electronic form, knowing that there are virtually zero wood-fueled power stations in the Western United States. That ought to be statement enough. At present, I am on Amazon for MY convenience and yours. I realize that this will not be PeeCee to some, but those are not the audience I am any of my writings at, but their intrinsic frivolity and poliical ineffectiveness needs no words from me.      Visit my Amazon Author’s Page YOU DON’T NEED A KINDLE! Amazon offers free apps for any platform you’d like, from iPads to PCs to smart phones.
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