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These links are presented in no particular order and press no particular ideology. It is hoped that all sides are presented here, to let you better make up your own mind.   - hw

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Paula Geise on Navajo/Hopi Land Dispute
The late Ms. Geise created one of the most comprehensive websites on the 'net dealing with Native American issues in all localities. This is her take on the controversy. Includes the best maps on the web, graphically illuminating the controversy.

Who's Paula Geise?

Welcome to the Page of the Peaceful People
A list of links on Hopi for librarians, seemingly who will never meet a Hopi. Material and links run from the good to the horrible. An excellent example of how our mythologization of Native Americans has made "truth" a very slippery commodity, as fiction blends with fact to create some very odd juxtapositions in ferreting out the Hopi. Please note that Hopi religion is specifically and secretly for Hopi, but that doesn't seem to prevent anyone from revealing, commenting and otherwise intellectually pillaging this ancient tradition .

The Navajo Hopi Observer
an independent (though not entirely objective) reservation paper. Focus is on the former.

The Official Website of the Hopi Tribe
Just posted in July. Still under construction in parts, it appears.

The Tutuveni
the "Newspaper of the Hopi Tribe"

Native American Nations of the Black Mesa Region
Archaeology/anthropology site giving the scientific context and background. It is important to remember that the activists and "resistors" claim that the Navajo have always been in the Four Corners region.

Complete text (52k) of Ninth Circuit opinion in the Hopi Tribe v. Navajo Nation case
"This dispute probably has its origins in the sweep of the Athabascan people from the north, at about the same time the Spaniards entered the Hopi lands from the south..." http://members.xoom.com/redbud1/hopinav.htm

The Hopi Cultural Center Website

Located on the Second Mesa, the Hopi Cultural Center boasts the only motel in Hopiland, and the menus of the restaurant welcome you to the "Center of the Universe."


Arizona Indian Tribes contact information

 Hopi/Dineh Alliance/Big Mountain websites

Touch The Earth Foundation
One of the "Hopi" sites soliciting funds that the Wimwimkyam Council in Hotevilla warns you about

The Official Hopi Cultural Preservation Office page

Other voices. Other ways of seeing.


Hopi back page

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